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Enertechnos is a UK-based clean energy company specialising in the design and manufacture of power transmission cables. We started working with Dominic, Gareth, Mansour and Ashkan from Enertechnos in 2021 after we acquired Nigel Brooks’ practice to help them expand their existing IP portfolio.

Enertechnos designs highly efficient power transmission cables using its revolutionary Capacitive Transfer System. An important feature of these cables is that capacitance is distributed along their lengths, which minimises power loss.

Enertechnos’ market is worldwide, so Dominic and Gareth would benefit from patents in several different countries to protect them from their competitors and to make them more attractive to potential investors.

An international patent application was therefore filed as PCT/GB2019/051593 and later converted to national/regional patent applications in their many territories of interest.

Schlich then worked with Enertechnos to better understand how the structures of their cables achieves capacitive transfer, and are now working to prosecute these patent applications in several territories around the world.

Two of these patent applications have already been granted, and thus Enertechnos are now the owners of UK patent number 2589494 and US patent number 11,158,440. If renewed, these patents will last until 2039.

Several of the other national/regional patent applications are currently pending, including European patent application no. 21215922.2. Schlich is working with the Enertechnos team to identify how their cables differ from other cables the Examiner has identified to overcome the Examiner’s objections.

Additionally, through their client access portal on the Schlich website, Dominic and Gareth readily have access to their patent portfolio and can easily monitor the status of their various patents and patent applications around the world.

In the photo, Mansour and Ashkan, the two principal inventors, have shown us around the facility and talked through the latest CTS cable inventions (for which patent filings are underway).

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Collaboration between PDT Solicitors and Schlich offers clients a strong choice of representation before the EU’s ground-breaking Unified Patent Court.

Collaboration between PDT Solicitors and Schlich offers clients a strong choice of representation before the EU’s ground-breaking Unified Patent Court.

Notwithstanding Brexit and the UK’s withdrawal from the UPC, UK-based European patent attorneys, such as those at Schlich, will have the right to represent clients before the UPC. Therefore, it remains possible for clients to use a UK-based legal team for UPC infringement and revocation actions. Schlich and PDT have joined forces to provide clients with a strong choice of representation before the UPC, drawing on Schlich’s impressive expertise in substantive patent law and extensive experience handling contentious matters before the European Patent Office, and PDT’s wealth of experience handling litigation in the UK and a growing number of European jurisdictions.

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