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Besmoke® is a UK-based company specialising in the generation of clean smoke for flavouring foodstuffs. We started working with Huw from Besmoke® back in 2013, and since then the technology, and IP protecting it, has grown substantially.

Besmoke® was founded by Huw Griffiths back in 2004 on the south coast of England. Huw was (and still is) passionate about the science behind flavours and was keen to generate a smoking method that could be used to flavour foodstuffs but without the unwanted carcinogen contamination.

The issue that he faced was that filtering carcinogens out of smoke either didn’t work or so changed the flavour profile that it lacked that lovely smokey taste.

After much experimentation, Huw collaborated with Professor Dave Baines from the University of Reading and PureSmoke® was born: smoke is passed through a treated zeolite filter under specific conditions, getting rid of carcinogens but keeping the flavour. PureSmoke® imparts the rich smokey taste achievable with unfiltered smoke but with approximately 95%+ fewer PAHs.

The original PureSmoke® method and developments are the subject of 29 patents in 14 countries (stemming from International patent applications WO 2015/007742 and WO 2018/033648).

PureSmoke® can be used to produce smoked water, smoked oil, smoked meats and many other things. Most recently, as just one commercial example, Besmoke® has teamed up with Fever-Tree® to produce a smoky ginger ale (pictured) that benefits from the PureSmoke® technology.

The Besmoke® team are inventors, and thus as their technology develops and adapts, so does their IP. It is a pleasure to work with them.

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