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Alyson has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and a MRes degree in Immunobiology from Newcastle University. She is expected to graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a PhD in 2024.

During her undergraduate and master’s research project, she produced different immunomodulatory DNA nanoparticles targeting the cGAS-STING pathway to induce IDO expression in macrophages and dendritic cells.

Alyson’s PhD research investigated the role of tumour associated macrophages in the promotion of breast cancer bone metastasis using in vivo models and techniques such as flow cytometry and RNA-sequencing. She also conducted research into a new immunotherapy combination for the treatment of prostate cancer bone metastasis and investigated the treatment response in different T cell subsets. Her research work contributed to two publications on the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Prior to starting her trainee attorney position at Schlich Ltd, Alyson undertook a part time position as an Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Intern at Edinburgh Innovations for 9 months. During which, she gained experience working with different life science technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9, medical imaging/diagnostics and pharmaceutical compounds.

She now continues her training as a UK and European patent attorney, building her skills in patent drafting, prosecution, opposition, and due diligence.

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